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Learn to Swim Albums & Special Releases


Safe and Well





Safe and Well

Safe and Well (spoken)

All tracks written by

Learn to Swim


Produced by Acid Wilhelm


Released July 2009


For Jack



Why Big Ideas Are Invisible From the Inside
Learn to Swim Volume 2





Why are big ideas invisible from the inside? For the next 45 minutes we will consider a series of extemporised waveforms provoked by this question which lurks at the threshold of our perceptive and cognitive abilities. Our basic assumption is that the human mind, though it is dwarfed by the infinity of the universe, has a capacity to create systems of personal meaning which accommodate the human instinct for purposeful existence. But what are the limits of this ability? Let us find out...







Mental Wellbeing

Physical Activity


Devised & Produced by
Acid Wilhelm.


Released July 2007


Cat no. LTS02


Learn to Swim Volume 1





Learn to Swim*

David Loophead - Knuckleduster

The Crisps - A Fiend in Hampshire

Hair by Roger - Drawing

David Loophead - Almost Erwin

Bagman - Ravens Part 2

Oh Joyous Diner - Have Faith in Sitcom

David Loophead - Young Couples in Love (Radio Edit) *

Hair by Roger - Praying

Bagman - Starlings

The Crisps - The Uncertainty Principle

Bagman - Ravens

Hair by Roger - Gambling

David Loophead - Chequeboy (Remix)

The album versions of these tracks contain slightly different mixes to join them together in a seamless-type arrangement a bit like a souffle. The original versions are also available elsewhere on the site.


Produced by Acid Wilhelm


Released April 2004


Cat no. LTS001