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July 2009

  • WE'RE BACK! - It has been a rather long time. Technical issues: total failure of all systems which not even a sonic screwdriver could fix. Some months and a sizeable investment in new equipment later, it's as wonderful to be back with you as Ronnie Corbett used to claim it was. The new systems are still being road tested but in the meantime, let's relax in the sunshine... 

  • NEW SINGLE - This month's celebrates the fact that Britain has had several days of Genuine Summer Ira Snowmelt Trio return with their first work since 2007.  Three Expressions for Summer aims to capture that casual, relaxed attitude which even the dourest of us feels when the sunshine comes out. Click here to listen.

  • BONUS RELEASE: a much loved associate of Learn to Swim recently walked away with minor injuries from what could have been a fatal car accident. To celebrate life and love, we present this short additional release, written mere hours later as we gave thanks that the laws of physics were in a good mood that day. Click here to listen.

  • OTHER NEWS - There will be forthcoming releases. We can assure you of that. These may even include some interesting new developments in the field of tall tales and ghostly anecdotes. 

  • CHANGE OF NAME - An announcement from the Hessian Palace: before they have even managed to release their long awaited debut, Griffin have decided to change their name. Ashamed and disgusted as we all were by the election of the British National Party to the European Parliament, all of us at Learn to Swim have decided that we don't want to create any kind of association between ourselves and the unashamedly racist BNP. We're saddened enough that we're even soiling our lovely website with their name. It's been agreed that the band should pick an alternative and less offensive name. They're now called "Murder!" in honour of Deep Roy's finest hour.

  • HANK: Here at Learn to Swim, we're still, even now blown out by the MAGNIFICENT new album by the mighty HANK. It is as you should all know by now entitled The Luck of the Singers and is, to be blunt, fucking marvellous. You can even download much of it entirely for free here but we strongly recommend you buy it. On vinyl. Yes, that's right it's a proper record. For grown ups. Don't mess with my collection.

  • LEARN TO SWIM on FACEBOOK - If you're part of that melee of silly games about cats and messages from people you only dimly remember from school and would like to find us on Facebook, we're here (it's changed): http://www.new.facebook.com/home.php#/pages/Learn-to-Swim/19845736140  


Well that wasn't much of a year, was it?