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News July 2012

  • New single - There are some corners of the universe which have bred the most bizarre things. The mind of Acid Wilhelm would appear to be one of them. Not to everyone's taste, certainly, but diversity is what we thrive on. Acid Wilhelm tables another clutch of musique concrete, this time derived entirely from the sound of tapping a large plastic canister. Learn to Swim's very own water cooler moment. Quide liderally. Click here to listen.

  • Other news - actually, there is no other news. Except that it has been raining a lot. 

News May 2012

  • New single - It is six years since we last heard from him. Time heals, they say. Bagman, hero of some of the earliest Learn to Swim releases, returns with a new single. Cobwebs and Regret is perhaps his magnum opus, a 16 minute mélange of echoes and synthetic melody. A stylish rebirth making up for all those lost years and dismissing at a stroke the old resentments or a massive overcompensation? Decide for yourself: click here to listen.

  • Blog update - The Learn to Swim Blog Now That I'm a Grown-Up... can be found at http://learntoswimrecordings.blogspot.com and contains some new speculations.

  • Podcast - there may be some more Slabcake in the coming weeks. Possibly. 

News March 2012

  • New single - A special moment. We've reached our 50th release and it's coming up to 10 years since Learn to Swim first wandered into the room looking for a quiet corner. Who else could we turn to but Hair by Roger? Their new single Connecting is, we are told, their take on the ebb and flow of a lifelong romance.  Click here to listen.

  • Coming soon - Next time will see the return to the fold of an old friend. Bagman is back. We can hardly believe it either.

  • Hank news - interesting recent update to Weeping Truckers featuring an old Cab Williamson's Waxworks demo entitled Ferox found in a dusty box in an old filing cabinet. There are some here who remember it the first time. There are also rumours of a special Hank / Learn to Swim collaboration in the pipeline. That's to say, we have just started such a rumour and are saying nothing further in order to give the impression of there being something more exciting than it actually is.

  • Connections: Learn to Swim's "web presence" or lack thereof is as follows:

News January 2012

  • Happy 2012: If you're currently celebrating the start of a new year, then we hope it's a good one. Don't worry, the Mayans will be proven wrong.

  • New album - Following the popularity of Gold Coins for a Cat this time last year, we're delighted to present a second collection of works by the late Japanese synthesizer pioneer Michishige Tomohisa. Acid Wilhelm has this time assembled a number of recordings based on or inspired by works of famous composers and traditional folk pieces. Once again, these are the best / latest version of each recording, encoded for super hi-fi stereo sound at the maximum 320kbps rate. Click here to listen. This album is dedicated to JCS, an old friend.

  • New look: We've had the place redecorated.

  • Now That I'm a Grown up: The Learn to Swim Blog is long overdue an update but as it's only concerned with ephemera and mundanity, being up-to-the minute is hardly the point.

  • Connections: here is breakdown of Learn to Swim's half-assed attempt to be interactive: