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News October 2015

News September 2015

  • Two in a row. Can you stand the pace? We probably can't. Time for a little lie down. 

  • New release - Not only another new release, it's also by another new signing! This place is filling with new faces. Boarding the Learn to Swim replacement bus service is Shadow Moss with Sands End. Some sounds of the 1990s in there perhaps? Click to listen. 

  • Slabcake - a reminder of our most recent issue: Body Talk which you can listen to here: Slabcake

News August 2015

  • We never promised a regular release schedule did we? Have you had a nice break? Chuffed to see there's been a long-awaited release from our Canadian bretheren Hank. Visit http://www.weepingtruckers.com/ to see some splendid new videos of tracks from Showers of Happiness

  • New release - We have a new signing! Can't remember the last time anyone else got involved here. Maybe we're too exclusive. But that changes now so please welcome Nightfish with two extended pieces under the title The Lake of Mutations. Click here to listen. 

  • Slabcake - there have been TWO Slabcake podcasts since we last updated the site: in November 2014 we released a short piece on culinary arts entitled Bon Viveur and a longer one in June this year entitled Body Talk which is somewhat less savoury. Click here to listen: Slabcake

  • Connections: here is breakdown of Learn to Swim stuff which is updated just as seldom as this website. The website is a bit outdated anyway isn't it? Oh this whole thing is such a ramshackle affair: